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Fibreglass (GRP) Flat Roofing Systems

Fibreglass, or GRP as it is better known, is an ideal roofing material. Properly constructed, GRP is completely impervious to moisture and can outlast other roofing materials by decades.

Avon Fibreglass Roofing have installed thousands of fibreglass flat roofs and fibreglass gutter linings. Specialist GRP roof work, such as rooflight repairs, Fibre-cement sheet repairs and refurbishment to all manner of GRP work ranging from domestic roofs to Superstores, Railway Stations, Factories and the like.

Unfortunately, a lot of our competitors laminate the first (or only) layer of fibreglass directly onto timber decking without giving thought to vapour control. Applying directly onto a plywood or tongue and groove roof deck without adequate venting for air movement  does not allow condensation or moisture vapour from the building beneath to escape. Poor vapour control can cause fungus growth and damp. Complete roof failure is also caused by the very rigid GRP being unable to cope with thermal or structural movement within the building or roof structure. A good understanding of structural tolerances and warm/cold roof construction is essential and also a requirement that must be adhered to in order to comply with building regulations.

  - What makes our GRP roofing systems different?

While a directly laminated fibreglass specification may be perfectly acceptable in circumstances where vapour control and air flow have been addressed, we are also able to manufacture  flat roofs and fibreglass gutter linings from preformed materials that allow the roof to breath and vent at the edges. Our unique mobile anchor fixings in conjunction with the flexible perimeter trims accommodate any thermal or structural movement between the fibreglass flat roof and the decking/substrate.

Our unique Mobile anchor fixing allows us to manufacture an independent roof covering able to tolerate structural movement well in excess of a standard directly applied installation, ideal where the substrate is prone to excessive movement such as metal decks or some timber frame constructions.

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Mobile anchor fixing for GRP Flat Roofing

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